“A remarkable experience.”

I have experienced two retreats in Italy and several in California organized and led by Lauren Maher. These retreats were remarkable for a number of reasons.  Lauren's daily yoga sessions were geared to meet the needs of those present in subtle ways, so that participants with various levels of prior experience with yoga (or none at all) felt comfortable, refreshed and invigorated.  Each day held time for private relaxation but each day also had what I might call “curated” experiences with the culture and food of the region.  A day might include visits to glorious hill towns, perhaps including a special meal in a historic site . Another day might include a truffle hunt or a wine tasting in a rural vineyard. An evening might include singing by the fire after a cooking class.  In an unfamiliar place, it is comforting to know that you’re in the hands of a pro who will have anticipated what’s needed to get the most out of the overall experience. Since the group along on a retreat is always going to be reasonably small, it is also a good opportunity to meet a few new people and explore shared interests.  At the same time, there is total flexibility to have private time and savor inward reflections. Lauren herself is open-hearted , accepting, knowledgeable, and savvy.  My advice - let her take you wherever she is going next! I will go along for sure!

— K.C., Boca Raton, Florida

"Truly the opportunity of a lifetime." 

I met Lauren Maher through a friend who sang her praises as 'the best kundalini yoga teacher ever'. I fell in love with yoga as a means to begin the daunting task of taming my runaway mind.

Since 2010 my husband and I have attended two of Lauren's weekend Ojai retreats at a peaceful, quiet center that makes you feel many miles from the daily grind. Healthy, delicious meals, daily yoga sessions, evening outdoor gatherings around the campfire, and plenty of time to wander, read, or meditate in this beautiful setting.

So inspired by Lauren's meditative, soul- enriching yoga and her relaxed, lovely, personality, and razor sharp intelligence, we went on to join three of her retreats in Italy. The perfect opportunity to see the gorgeous Tuscan and Umbrian countrysides with a woman who speaks the language and has a huge passion for the country. Every aspect of these trips is planned and carried out; all we had to do was show up, enjoy the fabulous food, start our day with gentle yoga, and head out on day trips exploring the art and culture of this magical place.

The Umbrian trip we recently attended was sublime. Lauren and her new husband, Norman, are now quite a team; their energy, enthusiasm, and love for each other adds a fresh dimension as they broaden out into a new chapter of distant travel, taking us all along for the adventure. Truly the opportunity of a lifetime.

-K.E., Pasadena, California



Lauren Maher is a truly wonderful yoga teacher, her classes are genuinely transformative. I have been a regular student of Lauren's for over fourteen years. During that time she has helped me deepen my yoga practice and affected profound and positive growth in my life.

Her classes, retreats and workshops are soothing, friendly and welcoming to everyone wherever they are in their yoga practice. I've been to Lauren's workshops and retreats in Ojai and Monrovia, and the whole experience is pleasing to the senses and nurturing on different levels.  From the natural beauty of the location where it is so easy to enjoy the surroundings, unplug, relax, and experience a deep calm, to the food is which is always fresh and delicious.  After a retreat I feel calm, relaxed, and I get a beautiful, fulfilling experience with a fresh perspective to take with me as I move through daily life. Lauren brings great deal of knowledge and experience, as well as warmth, understanding and humor to her classes. The gentle asanas, and meditations are supported by her fascinating lectures bringing together the yoga sutras, information about anatomy, and through her experience as a licensed therapist, psychology.  I've learned so many useful tools from Lauren, like breath work and meditation techniques to help relax and cope with stress, and ways to incorporate yoga into my everyday life. As her student I feel supported and encouraged to investigate ways my own mind and body connect, and how to be in the world.

In many ways yoga has changed my life, and I have Lauren to thank for that.

— M.D., Los Angeles, California


“Thank you!”

"This was my first yoga retreat, much less first time doing yoga. It was a very well-managed trip with wonderful excursions planned. For a first-timer, the yoga was easy to understand..and do! Thank you, Volare, for a great week in Italy! Lauren and Norman are amazing!!!"

-D.W., Cary, North Carolina

"It was the most amazing travel experience!" 

I have been practicing yoga with Lauren Maher for more than 11 years, and sessions with her have been key to my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Now with Volare Retreats, the peace and healing enjoyed with at Lauren’s regular yoga offerings include the opportunity for extended escapes from the stresses of urban life, whether a day of yoga in a cabin nestled in the San Gabriel Mountains or a week in the Italian countryside.

In great need of a real vacation and more intensive rejuvenation, I signed up for a Volare Retreat in Umbria, Italy in 2017, allowing me to realize a lifelong desire to visit my grandparents’ homeland. It was the most amazing travel experience. Lauren and Norman expertly researched, planned, and coordinated our stay in a rustic country villa, including exquisite dining arrangements, fun group activities, and daytrips to must-see travel destinations such as Assisi. They personally guided us as we explored great works of art, architecture, and historic treasures. The week was relaxing yet invigorating, a truly magical and remarkable trip. What made it different from most guided group tours is how Lauren and Norman have a knack for bringing together a group of wonderful people – although I was traveling solo, I never felt alone, it was as if I were with a bunch of close friends.

Grazie Lauren and Norman. Arrivederci, I look forward to another excursion with Volare!

-D.C., Arcadia, California